Khoroshkola private gymnasium is the first digital school in Moscow. It opened its doors for pupils in September 2017. The new building of the school is an example of architecture, aimed at the cutting-edge trends in designing school facilities. Everything here is tight-knit and elaborate. For instance, the school has lots of open spaces, leaded light glazing, recreation zones, flooded with natural light, spacious forums for classes and so on.

  • Location

    ул. Маршала Тухачевского 45 к.2
    Moscow / Москва, Moscow
    Russian Federation

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Project Team

The project of Khoroshkola private gymnasium was developed by «А-Project» architectural bureau, that is part of «KROST» concern. Architects and designers of the concern applied breakthrough solutions while creating this project. For example, elements of the gymnasium building façades are made of high-quality fibre-reinforced concrete. It is a high-tech material that makes it possible to erect sound and sturdy constructions of any shape, size, texture or color.


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