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Working with Guardian Glass means much more than working with cutting-edge glass. It is about success as well: ours and yours. From manufacturing to business support, Guardian has the tools, products, expertise and commitment to add value to your windows, help you handle custom fabrication and be more profitable when you do so. See for yourself how Guardian helps window manufacturers and custom fabricators around the world.

Innovative products for your windows

Guardian engineering team constantly searches for the best products and solutions for your windows and your business. The existing products are improved, new ones are invented, and the cutting-edge technologies from other industrial sectors are passed on to the window-manufacturing market. All that serves only one goal – to enable you to offer your customers the windows that perfectly meet their exquisite wishes and requirements. We work on effective solutions that help develop business.

The benefits of partnership

Guardian Glass industry partners enjoy growth, experience, innovation and technical assistance. We add value to our profitable relationship through constant innovation. Our national and global footprint translates to a convenient and ready supply, while our support runs from glass and insulated glass (IG) processing evaluation to marketing and business development support. We are not going anywhere except forward. Let us move there together.

Operational support

How do you need to efficiently and profitably work with our glass? Guardian is here to help. Whether it is constantly updated user guides, on-site testing or helping you reduce waste and increase efficiency without compromising value, we stand with you every step of the way. With Guardian, you never work alone. We help, from concept through completion, with technical information and quality planning, support and troubleshooting, on-site technical support and much more.

Technical support

Specialists of Guardian technical support service provide assistance to the partners in the implementation of their projects, selection of the optimal materials, search of new industrial solutions and the equipment adjustment. Guardian is able to cope with the hardest technical problems so as to satisfy the requirements of your production process.

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Perfect mastery of the product is an indispensable characteristic of any salesperson. Do you want to help your sales team become real experts? Guardian webinars on products, technical specifications, sales and marketing tools are a precious find for you. Get registered and ask your questions while we are online or watch our videos of the events. The updated information on Guardian webinars is available in our social network accounts.

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Up-to-date information about the company, news regarding the events, organized by the company as well as the notifications on forthcoming Guardian seminars, interesting facts and useful tips – all that is available on our social networking sites. So, subscribe and follow us, ask your questions and leave comments!

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Promotional materials

Promotional materials for sales points can help managers find suitable arguments and make the most lucrative offer. Mobile stands that help demonstrate the way the IGUs with ClimaGuard Solar glass work. They will help you explain the advantages of glass multifunctional coating to your customers. ClimaGuard Solar Colors are samples of colored glass that will help you deal with those who are looking for glazing options for their cottages. If you are a Guardian partner, you can promptly get these and other promotional materials with the help of your regional sales manager or by getting in touch with Guardian Glass marketing department.


Selection of color of glass

We offer you an online tool to select ideal solutions for cottage glazing. Help your customers select the glass color that matches not only the IGU frame, but is also in tune with the façade or the roof of the building! If you are a Guardian partner, you may upload our program to your website, as it is perfectly adaptable for various online resources.

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