Helping you visualize, plan and forecast

You want to know how your building will perform, what it will look like, and how energy efficient it will be. Our glass products are compatible with the main popular specifier and CAD technologies to make it easy to plan for and use our glass. Our award-winning, proprietary suite of glass configurators and calculators, known as Guardian Glass Analytics, complement a variety of other tools to help make it easier to use our glass.

New Tool

Acoustic Calculator

The new acoustic calculator from Guardian® Glass sorts through over 70 million calculated acoustic values for glass based on an algorithm defined in the calculation methodology.

New tool

Performance Calculator

Quickly sort through standard SunGuard insulated glass unit makeups so you can compare products that match your glass performance and appearance needs.

New tool

Glass visualizer

Users can evaluate the aesthetic properties of our comprehensive range of products by selecting the float glass substrate and SunGuard coating you prefer


BIM data

Acquire BIM data from Glass Analytics, BSD SpecLink-E, and BIMobject to help manage your existing or future projects.



Can you mix this glass with that coating? What glass combination helps you earn the most LEED credits? Can you really provide high visible light and low solar heat gain? Chances are, if you have a question, we have an answer.