Guardian Clarity™


Guardian Clarity™


Invisible glass is here

Forsome applications, any reflection is too much. Guardian Clarity™ glassminimises light reflection and maximises visibility. It is created usingthe most advanced magnetron sputtering glass-coating technology onUltraClear® low-iron glass. And it leads the way in applications wherereflection and glare spoil the benefit of clear sight and pristineviews.

Excellent optical properties

Dramatically reduces reflection and increases light transmission

Works on safety glass

Effective with laminated and tempered glass

Perfect for merchandising

Better visibility inside storefronts and display cases, attracting customers to your store


Can be used with SunGuard® architectural coatings and a variety of float substrates

Without Guardian Clarity™
With Guardian Clarity™

What you don’t see is what you get

Advanced glass coating technology allows Guardian Clarity™ to reduce reflection from 8% to around 0.7%, compared to standard glass. At the same time, it increases light transmission from 90% to 98%. This creates an almost perfect, distortion-free viewing experience.

The residual reflection colour of Guardian Clarity glass is a soft, neutral blue, which does not change when viewed from different angles. Clarity glass is available in multiple sizes. It is also offered already applied to both surfaces of the substrate or on just one side to allow further lamination processing on the other. That makes it exceptionally flexible for any application.


Begin with beautiful views. Add Guardian Clarity to make the building's glass disappear. Then multiply by millions of stunning buildings around the world and all of the revenue their clever designs help generate. That’s one amazing equation.

Put reflections in their place

On your next design, whether it’s a stadium or a single work of art, increase light transmission and do away with distortion and reflection. We can assist in making enveloping glass picture-perfect, no matter the angle.

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