Residential innovation for every climate

As a leading maker of glass for residential windows, Guardian Glass is committed to optimizing the performance, aesthetics and service offered to window manufacturers and custom fabricators. Whether your customers are building new homes or replacing existing windows, Guardian wants to help you give them the appearance, comfort and energy efficiency they expect from today’s windows.

Guardian’s ClimaGuard® line provides manufacturers and fabricators with a variety of formulations, each one matched to the energy and comfort requirements of a specific region or climate. These products can be combined with a variety of safety, sound control and aesthetic options to meet regional and individual requirements.

Warmer climates

In warmer climates, homeowners face heat, glare and the occasional cool day. ClimaGuard offers products designed for warmer regions, so that your customers can reduce their air conditioning costs while preserving the right amount of natural light.

Colder climates

ClimaGuard low-E products offer superior performance in colder regions with significant heating requirements. Using the passive heat concept, ClimaGuard warms and brightens the home using the sun’s light and heat. With insulating properties, ClimaGuard products reduce energy bills by keeping the heat inside the home. With several products available in double- and triple-glazed configurations, Guardian makes products that keep homes warm no matter how harsh the winter may be.

Four season climates

ClimaGuard offers four-season products for regions that face both heating and cooling requirements.

A partnership that goes beyond glass

Partnering with Guardian is more than helping you build better windows. It's about your success as well. Guardian has the tools, products, expertise and commitment to add value in every corner of your business, from helping you handle custom fabrication to helping you be more profitable.