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Guardian UltraClear®

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UltraClear your mind

Guardian UltraClear® low-iron glass can help you find your design groove. It’s noticeably clearer than standard glass—so what people see is completely up to you. Clean lines. True colours. Breathtaking views. No distractions. Just your creativity and your very best moves.

Manufactured with quality materials and dramatically low iron content, UltraClear glass has much less of the green tint than you see in standard glass. Yet UltraClear glass still has strength and performance characteristics similar to standard glass.

Glass that nearly disappears

Outstanding clarity and high transparency

Reduced greenish tone

You can see the difference

Wide range of exterior and interior uses

Can be laminated, tempered and bent

Clear by design

Iron oxide is a common ingredient in standard glass because it lowers temperatures during the manufacturing process. As a result, the glass carries a green tint. With recent advances in glassmaking the iron oxide content can be reduced—achieving stunningly clear glass that transmits abundant light.

Clear to the edge

Framelessenclosures, surfaces, storefronts and shelving call for strikinglyclear edges. The green cast of standard glass is typically amplified atthe edge as size and thickness increase. UltraClear glass significantly reduces this effect for a clear, neutral finish no matter the dimensions of your application.

Interior applications

Extremely versatile. Ultra transparent.

Guardian UltraClear® glass may be used for a wide range of interior applications, such as balustrades, mirrors, flooring, partitions, shower enclosures, stairs, spandrels and display cases.



UltraClear glass helps you maximize natural light in the office by letting it flow through walls, doors and partitions. With fewer visual boundaries, you help teams stay in touch, build social bonds and clear the way for creativity and a vibrant work culture.


Walls & Partitions

Using UltraClear glass, you can shed natural light on stressful healthcare experiences and, in the process, help promote comfort and well-being. Walls and partitions, entryways and staircases made with UltraClear glass don’t have a green tint.



Create display cases that secure fine jewelry, or transparent shelves and tables that show off each sparkle or shoes or handbags and more. Every object becomes more eye-catching when viewed in its very best light.



In the hospitality business, it’s all about creating moments that pull people in and offer true-to-life glimpses of the magic inside. UltraClear glass helps you create bright, modern and inviting first impressions.



Create a space that feels clean, bright and open—inviting you to refresh and rejuvenate. UltraClear glass can be used to create frameless shower enclosures that can be combined with acid-etched glass to add privacy without compromising natural light.

Architectural applications

Infinite exterior opportunities

Perhaps it is a dramatic entrance way that anticipation among visitors before they step into a building. Or a commanding view through a spectacular facade. Whether you are opening the heavens through skylights or admiration among those who dwell within, UltraClear exterior glass opens up infinitely more possibilities.



Blur the boundaries between inside and out with a crystal clear view of a building’s interior. Catch the excitement as guests mingle in a crowded theater or a glittering hotel lobby, or feel the soothing vibe of a luxury spa before stepping inside.



Exterior walls can virtually disappear, revealing your design at its most essential, and showing off interior colour, movement and life. Add SunGuard® low-E coatings for energy efficiency or low-E UltraClear glass to maximise daylight while keeping solar heat at bay.



Designed to illuminate a space with sunlight from above, a skylight made with UltraClear glass is your window of opportunity. Brilliantly clear, it transmits more light than standard glass, which could help enhance productivity, well-being and mood—and reduce your reliance on artificial lighting.

Pick the clearest answer

Whether you’re creating an exterior façade, an interior display case or another application, Guardian UltraClear® low-iron float glass offers crystal clarity. It also allows you to transmit as much light as possible without the heat, and it leaves the green tones behind.

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