Laminated Glass

Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic

The difference is what you can't hear

Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic is Guardian’s laminated glass with an advanced interlayer that significantly improves performance in sound reduction (Guardian LamiGlass® comprises two or more panes of glass bonded together using clear PVB interlayers). Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic is used in applications ranging from residential housing to public buildings such as airports, hospitals, hotels and educational facilities -- anywhere noise can affect occupant comfort.

The glass delivers a Sound Reduction Factor (Rw) of up to 54 decibels (dB) in triple glazing and 52dB in double glazing. In addition to acoustic performance, Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic offers all the benefits of standard laminated glass, including safety, security and UV protection. When combined with Guardian ClimaGuard® and Guardian SunGuard® glass it also offers improved solar control and thermal insulation, light transmission, appearance and clarity.

Acoustic performance

Improved sound reduction performance to control environmental noise.


PVB interlayer helps to retain broken glass fragments if the glass is broken, reducing risk of injuries.


Can be used where resistance to manual attack or forced entry is required, as well as blast and ballistic-resistant applications.

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