LamiGlass® Colour

Colour your project brilliant

Guardian LamiGlass® Colour is Guardian’s laminated glass with a coloured PVB interlayer that provides an added decorative element. (Guardian LamiGlass® comprises two or more panes of glass bonded together using clear PVB interlayers) Guardian LamiGlass® Colour offers 16 foundation colours that can be used separately or combined (4 colour layers maximum), for a choice of over 3,000 transparent, translucent or opaque colour options. Ideal for decorative or commercial applications including windows, walls, ceilings, pillars, stairs, retail displays and railings.


Wide choice of transparent, translucent and opaque colour options to suit any application.


PVB interlayer(s) helps to retain broken glass fragments if the glass is broken, reducing risk of injuries.


Can be used where resistance to manual attack or forced entry is required, as well as blast and ballistic-resistant applications.

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Designing with colour has never been easier or more secure. Reach out to the Guardian professionals for assistance in using colour to find the best solution for your needs.