The privacy you need. The light you want.

Guardian SatinDeco® acid-etched translucent glass is ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Guardian’s proprietary acid-etching process produces a satin-like, smooth finish that obscures the view through the glass, while maintaining a high level of light transmittance. Guardian SatinDeco has a uniform surface that is extremely robust and durable, helping prevent marks from grease or dirt. Guardian SatinDeco® can be used on its own as monolithic glass for decorative and interior fittings, or can be fabricated into an insulating glass unit combined with other Guardian coated glass products to produce high performance glazing with features such as thermal insulation and solar control.


Guardian SatinDeco® has a perfectly uniform appearance with a silky finish.

Privacy and light

Guardian SatinDeco® provides privacy with high, diffused light transmission.


Guardian SatinDeco® is produced using Guardian’s proprietary acid-etching process. The finish helps hide minor scratches and is resistant to fingerprints.

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Whether you’re designing a commercial property or a luxury home, Guardian SatinDeco® helps you create modern, satin-smooth alternatives for privacy. The ultra-durable surface also helps you maintain high levels of natural daylight. We can help your occupants have the best of all worlds.