Glass Type:

Laminated glass

Colour, safety and sound control

Looking for improved sound performance, safety and security?

Laminated glass consists of two or more lites bonded together using one or more plastic interlayers using heat and pressure. The glass and interlayers can be supplied in a variety of colours, performance characteristics and thicknesses to provide the desired appearance and final performance in order to meet the relevant building code standards and requirements.

Laminated glass for extra strength, safety and security

While laminated glass can be broken, the fragments will tend to adhere to the plastic (PVB) interlayer and remain largely intact, reducing the risk of injury. Often considered as a safety glass, laminated glass can incorporate toughened and heat strengthened glass to further strengthen its impact resistance. Often specified for bullet and bomb blast protection, sound attenuation, hurricane impact resistance, anti-intrusion applications and for protection from fallout of broken glass from building facades, balconies and windows.

Guardian LamiGlass® laminated glass combines the desired aesthetic and performance features by bonding two or more sheets of glass together with a durable plastic interlayer. Guardian LamiGlass® Colour is bonded by one or several coloured PVB interlayers. Guardian LamiGlass® Acoustic offers noise reduction properties.

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