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Victoria Gate

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Victoria Gate

Retail store / shopping center

Victoria Gate

London, W2 2LU

United Kingdom

Retail store / shopping center

Victoria Gate

London, W2 2LU

United Kingdom

Victoria Gate

Description of the project

Designed by Acme Architects, the Victoria Gate development is home to the flagship store of the classic British brand, John Lewis. The development created a key urban block in Leeds city centre, influenced by old fashioned arcades, and provides retail and leisure uses anchored by the department store.

The diagrid-patterned façade is made from struts of etched concrete and is punctured by an array of Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral™ 70/35 coated glass windows which add a unique sense of order and rhythm to the façade. The natural blue colour of the SN 70/35 glass works beautifully with the subtle tones of the concrete, whilst flooding the arcade space in natural light.

A shopping complex in the 21st century has the challenge of competing with online retail and the competitive edge needed is likely to originate from one sole factor – the actual experience of those doing the shopping. Such an experience is shaped by impressive architecture combined with thorough construction and materials execution as showcased in this breath-taking development by Acme.

Apart from the appealing aesthetics of the glazing used, the SN 70/35 product allows for a high solar protection on neutral-looking glass, keeping the building and its occupants cool thanks to its selectivity of 2.00.

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