Dynamic Glazing Solutions

Visual comfort, thermal comfort and energy savings

In buildings, it is always important to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of occupants. Natural light and uninterrupted views of the outdoors can improve productivity, focus and creativity of occupants.

Today, glazing for buildings is still dominated by the use of mechanical sun protection devices such as blinds and shades, which actually block the views of the outside and prevent natural light entering the building. By using a Dynamic Glazing solution – sometimes referred to as switchable glass, dynamic shading or intelligent glass – the glazing tints it-self dynamically, adapting to varying light conditions to offer instantaneous visual and thermal comfort to the building’s occupants.

Leading product solutions

eyrise® s350 Instant Solar Shading Windows perfectly complement Guardian's high performance glass solutions particularly the Guardian SunGuard® range of advanced solar control glass products.

Matmut Filature

State-of-the-art dynamic glass

Compared to other dynamic glazing solutions available in the market, according to Merck, eyrise® s350 Instant Solar Shading Windows have the fastest switching speed, most neutral colour rendering, and is based on Merck’s licrivision® liquid crystal technology, omnipresent in everyday LCD screens.

How do eyrise® Instant Solar Shading Windows work?

At the heart of eyrise® s350 Instant Solar Shading Windows is Merck licrivision® technology, a transparent liquid crystal mixture added with specific dye molecules tailored to the colour needs of the application. Prompted by low voltage, the mixture molecules of this liquid crystal cell change orientation and therefore regulate the amount of light and heat passing through.

With eyrise® Instant Solar Shading Windows and Guardian SunGuard® solar control glass, a complete range of solutions with unparallel aesthetics for structural facades is now available. View the video below to find out more about how eyrise® Dynamic Liquid Crystal Windows work:

How eyrise® Dynamic Liquid Crystal Windows work

Key Benefits of Dynamic Glazing Solution

Improves users’ visual comfort / higher occupant productivity

  • Reduces diffused and reflected sunglare.
  • Continuous view of the outside environment.
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for mechanical blinds or shades.
  • Improves daylight autonomy (reduces the use of artificial lighting).

Improves the value of the building/green building certification adds value

  • For building owners, green or wellness building certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, WELL can help to achieve higher rents and greater occupancy levels than lower ranked buildings. Tenants are usually willing to pay a premium for this.

Energy efficiency – reduced overheads and running costs

  • Compared to standard double-glazed windows, it provides possibility for energy savings through optimised G-value, particularly in terms of reduced cooling (air conditioning) running costs for the building.

Improves users’ thermal comfort

  • Optimised solar control performance with fast adaption to changing light conditions and the G-value.

eyrise® S350 in Action

Reducing the need for traditional blinds or shades

The primary functions of eyrise® windows are to provide immediate shading comfort, reduced sun glare, improved thermal comfort, while allowing plenty of natural light and preserving views of the outside.

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Disclaimer: “eyrise® is a trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany or its affiliates.

We can help you make it happen

Guardian Glass’ experienced team is perfectly placed to help you find the best dynamic glazing solution to fulfill the aesthetic and performance requirements of your unique application, including how to integrate dynamic glazing into a total façade solution. If you would like to learn more about our dynamic glazing solution or if you have specific questions about your project, please contact your local Guardian Glass expert.