Become an expert with Guardian Glass

With our architectural glass workshops we offer architects, processors and other interested parties insights on glass production and processing as well as a general overview of glass products and their applications. Our workshops can be oriented around the following topics: Products and properties; Uses of architectural glass; Constructional apsects.

Architectural glass workshops can either be staged at your place of work or you can join our online training webinars.

Available Webinars

Sessions en Français

Atelier 1
Introduction : du float au verre à couches
6th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 2
Quels verres de protection pour vos projets?
8th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 3
Avantages et applications de l’antireflet. Le rôle de l’environnement.​
15th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 4
La sérigraphie : fonctionnalités, méthodes et applications
17th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 5
Tout ce que vous souhaitiez savoir au sujet du verre bombé pour la conception d’un bâtiment
24th April / 2:00pm CET

Atelier 6
Comment choisir le vitrage adéquat pour une double peau?​
4th May / 2:00pm CET

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Session for Belgium/The Netherlands in English

Session 1
Glass basics - An introduction to float and coated glass
10th April / 2:00pm CET

Session 2
Which coated glass for your project?
20th April / 2:00pm CET

Session 3
Antireflection matters: bespoke visual, storefront and lighting notions
22nd April / 2:00pm CET

Session 4
Ceramic printing - Methods and applications of functional or decorative paint on glass
27th April / 2:00pm CET

Session 5
Everything you want to know about bent glass when designing a building
29th April / 2:00pm CET

Session 6
How to select the adequate glazing for a double skin façade
6th April / 2:00pm CET

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Continuing training at your office

It is quick and easy to schedule a seminar or a worshop at your office with your Guardian team. Simply contact your Architectural Sales Manager to let us know what your specific learning needs are.