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Protect from Sunlight

Protect from sunlight with solar control and laminated glass

Sunlight streaming into a home is both beautiful and comforting, and combined with outside views, it’s been proven to improve mood and health. In warmer climates, however, sunlight can overheat interiors and cause furniture or curtains to fade. 

Why prevent the sun from entering interiors

You can use curtains, blinds or awnings to stop the sun’s light from causing high interior temperatures. They will also help prevent the sun’s UV rays from discoloring interiors. These efforts, however, will change the appearance of your home and eliminate views to the outside. You can turn up the air conditioner to offset uncomfortable interior temperatures, however, that will drive up your utility bills.

Why prevent the sun from entering interiors

Using the right glass

The trade-off between the benefits of daylight and how it affects your home and lifestyle can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are window glass products that can help protect your home while allowing natural light to enter.

Using the right glass

How to reduce overheating

There is one key factor that affects a window’s ability to reduce the amount of solar heat inside the home: the glass composition. This is an important element in keeping out solar heat, as the glass can make up 80 percent of the window area. Solar control glass products for the home specialize in reducing the risk of interiors overheating, while allowing you to retain clear views.

How to reduce overheating

How to reduce the risk of interior color fade

The glass composition is the key factor to reduce the possibility of color fade on curtains, furniture and other material. Laminated glass can block more than 99% of UV rays because plastic interlayers between single panes of glass absorb UV radiation. Take a look at how solar control glass and laminated glass – either individually or combined – help to maintain a comfortable home, with views and natural light and reduce the risk of overheating and faded furniture.

How to reduce the risk of interior color fade