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When it comes to windows glazing energy efficiency is highly important – new regulations are pushing this requirement even further. At the same time a high level of light transmission and an ultimate solar heat gain are requested for thermal insulating windows. But how can these three aspects be combined in an optimal way – ideally in double and triple glazing – when the technology is already challenging the laws of physics?

Exceptional level of light transmission

Guardian now provides the answer with its new ClimaGuard Premium2. The innovation offers an exceptional level of light transmission. Thus it permits a higher amount of natural daylight to enter residential applications, making artificial lightning less necessary. Particularly remarkable is its high performance in triple glazing: 74% of light is transmitted. A colour rendering index of 97% for triple and 98% for double glazing provides high level of transparency without disruptive reflections.

High solar heat gain for triple and double glazing

ClimaGuard Premium 2 allows to benefit from the high solar heat gain combined to a great level of isolation. An Ug-value of 0.6 W/m²K in triple and of 1.1 W/m²K in double glazing enables an outstanding level of energy saving. ClimaGuard Premium2 therefore is especially suitable for applications in passive house and low-energy constructions.

ClimaGuard Premium2 is applicable for applications with triple and double glazing and furthermore glass producers only have to keep one product on stock which also helps to manage storage capacity.

Performance data

IGU* Coating on surface Light Transmission
Light Reflection
Color Rendering Index Solar Factor 
4 – 16 – 4 3 82 12 98 64 1.1
4 – 14 – 4 – 14 – 4 2 + 5 74 16 97 53 0.6

*Gas filling rate: 90% Argon

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ClimaGuard glass is used in windows, doors and other products made and sold throughout Europe. To get started, .
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