“La Casa del Desierto” featured in the fifth season of Black Mirror series

The famous and award-winning British television series Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker and streamed by the popular Netflix platform, features “La Casa del Desierto” by Guardian Glass in one of its new mind-bending stories in the series, now in its fifth season.

Located in Gorafe, Granada (Spain), “La Casa del Desierto” (The House of the Desert) appears as an ideal place to escape from the connected world in the plot of chapter 2, “Smithereens”, which stars actor Topher Grace, of Spider Man 3 fame, among other films.

The episode was filmed last summer over a period of two full days. The production and filming team showed great interest in the house throughout their visit, captivated by La Casa’s multiple perspectives and focus points.

“La Casa del Desierto” is a pioneering Guardian Glass project located in the Iberian Peninsula. The objective was to test Guardian Glass products and solutions in the most extreme weather conditions and thus demonstrate the importance of selecting the appropriate type of glass for the windows of any home.

La Casa was also chosen as a shooting location for other film and advertising productions, fashion shoots or photojournalism. In this type of collaboration, major producers, firms and brands have found “La Casa del Desierto” to be an extraordinary place which they can use to reach and inspire their target audiences.

First released in 2011, Black Mirror is an English science fiction anthology based on independent episodes that explores a disturbing and dark future which could be ours if the current greatest technological innovations were misused or mismanaged. It counts an Emmy Award, a Peabody Award and a British Academy Television Craft Award among its most notable achievements. The series has built up a base of millions of fans and followers around the world.

About “La Casa del Desierto”

Location: Gorafe, Granada (Spain)

Floor area: 20m2

Layout: 3 rooms – bedroom, bathroom and living room-kitchen

Approximate maximum and minimum temperatures expected inside: 18ºC – 28ºC

Temperature range in the Gorafe desert: summer up to 45ºC | winter down to -10ºC

“La Casa del Desierto” is a pioneering project by Guardian Glass that challenges nature to test its glass solutions. By designing such an innovative house, Guardian Glass seeks to demonstrate how, by choosing the right glass, the house remains liveable even in the most adverse climate environments. The glass of the windows can largely contribute to the thermal and acoustic insulation, it can help protect from UV rays, as well as improving security against theft or intrusion attempts.

In terms of its architectural structure, “La Casa del Desierto” is built on a wooden base that is enveloped by the Guardian Glass glass enclosure; inside, glass partitions create a bedroom, bathroom and living-kitchen area. A large space directly overlooking the landscape, La Casa also has a water filtration system, an energy generation system and a set of photovoltaic panels.

The design, the result of the combined work of a large and experienced team of architects - led by Spela Videcnik of OFIS Architects - together with Guardian Glass glass specialists and engineers and the energy consultants of Akt II and Transsolar, meets the current and future challenges of the architecture and construction sectors, in promoting environmentally friendly and energy efficient structures.