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Whether you are looking to design a skyscraper, home, public building or something in between, Guardian Glass provides industry-leading tools to help architects and designers create with glass.

Architectural Project Managers

Guardian Glass sales team consists of real professionals, who are able to find answers to whatever question appears, and they are willing to provide any support imaginable to those who require assistance. Regional sales managers know the wide range of Guardian products perfectly well and can advise the best solutions for the needs of your business.

Technical support

Specialists of Guardian technical support service provide assistance to the partners in the implementation of their projects, selection of the optimal materials, search of new industrial solutions and the equipment adjustment. Guardian is able to cope with the hardest technical problems so as to satisfy the requirements of your production process.

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More than 10.000 architectural objects all over the world have been built with the use of Guardian Glass products. For example, glass, which was manufactured on Russian plants of the company, was used to glaze various facilities in Sochi, sports objects of the FIFA World cup 2018, in Moscow-City skyscrapers and other outstanding constructions throughout the country.

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Marketing collaterals

Download the new Guardian Glass catalogue, which presents the full range of SunGuard glass product line. You may also get in touch with the marketing department of the company or our regional representative to learn more about the marketing materials or technical samples of our products.

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Other tools & resources

You want to know how your building will perform, what it will look like, and how energy efficient it will be. Our glass products are compatible with the latest specifier and CAD technologies to make it easy to plan for and use our glass.

BIM downloads

Acquire BIM data to help manage your existing or future projects.

Seeing is believing

The Guardian Glass Visualizer dynamically generates photo-realistic images of both exterior and interior glazing views. It allows the user to evaluate the aesthetic properties of virtually any glass make-up. Just choose the glass you want to visualize, select the building and perspective that suits you, and watch how various sky conditions affect the appearance of the glass.