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Environmental Product Declarations

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Guardian Glass is committed to the efficient use of natural resources while operating in a way that protects the safety, health and well-being of its employees, customers, the environment and society.

As a manufacturing leader of high performance, energy-efficient glass products for commercial, residential, interior, transportation and specialty applications, Guardian Glass makes products that help improve people’s lives. By allowing abundant natural light into homes, offices and vehicles, glass products can help contribute to occupants’ well-being, and low-emissivity glass reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling.

By publishing EPDs, Guardian Glass intends to support architects and designers who strive to understand the sustainability profiles of the buildings they design through the products they specify. The goal is to provide them with the information needed to achieve credits in global green building rating systems.

The two EPDs available from Guardian Glass North America are:

  • Flat Glass Products EPD, which is valid for flat unprocessed glass products produced in North America. These include products such as clear glass, Guardian UltraClear™ low-iron glass, green glass, TwilightGreen® Glass, gray glass, CrystalGray® Glass, CrystalBlue™ Glass, MidnightGray™ Glass, MidnightGray® II Glass, PrivaGuard® Glass and Solar Management Glass (SMG®). The EPD contains a complete listing of all products covered by this EPD.
  • Processed Glass Products EPD, which is valid for glass products produced in North America that are heat-treated, coated and/or textured. These include products from multiple product lines, such as Guardian SunGuard®, ClimaGuard®, InGlass®, ShowerGuard® and more. The EPD contains a complete listing of all products covered by this EPD.

An EPD® is a verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of a product.

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