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Under the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act, uncoated and coated float glass products are considered a “construction material” and an input to a “manufactured product”.  As long as the glass supplied for the project is “manufactured in the United States” at one of Guardian Glass’s domestic plants, the product would meet the requirements of a “construction material” under BABA. 


Guardian Glass Informational Statement on the Build America, Buy America Act

The Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act requires that construction materials for federally funded infrastructure projects are “produced in the United States” and “that all manufacturing processes for the construction material occurred in the United States”. The Act also requires that manufactured products for federally funded infrastructure projects are manufactured in the United States and that “the cost of the components of the manufactured product that are mined, produced, or manufactured in the United States is greater than 55% of the total cost of all components of the manufactured product.”

The uncoated and coated float glass products produced at any of Guardian Glass’s domestic facilities meet the requirements of ‘construction materials’ under BABA. When used as construction materials to produce “manufactured products”, Guardian Glass’s domestically produced uncoated and coated float glass products can help our customers achieve the 55% threshold because 100% of the cost of the components procured from a domestic Guardian Glass facility are “manufactured in the United States.” A list of Guardian Glass’s domestic manufacturing locations, and applicable uncoated and coated float glass products, are provided below.

Customers requiring uncoated and coated float glass products that are produced at one of our domestic facilities in order to comply with BABA should reach out to their local Territory Sales Manager (TSM) for information on the ordering process. This process will help ensure the purchase order clearly identifies the project’s requirements for BABA so we can verify the products requested comply with the requirements prior to fulfilling and shipping the order. If a project has already been completed and needs to certify the uncoated or coated float glass products comply with BABA, we can use the tag numbers to verify whether the products provided were produced at one of our domestic facilities.

Guardian Glass U.S.A. Manufacturing Locations:

  • Carleton, Michigan  
  • Corsicana, Texas 
  • DeWitt, Iowa

  • Geneva, New York 
  • Kingsburg, California
  • Richburg, South Carolina

Guardian Glass Float & Coated Glass Products:

  • Clear
  • UnltraClear Low-Iron
  • Crystal Gray
  • Green
  • Gray
  • SunGuard SN 68
  • SunGuard SN 54
  • SunGuard SNX 62/27
  • SunGuard SNX70+
  • SunGuard SNX 51/23
  • SunGuard SNR 43

  • SunGuard SNR 50
  • SunGuard SNR 35
  • SunGuard SNE 50
  • SunGuard Neutral 78/65
  • SunGuard IS 20
  • SunGuard SN-L 68
  • SunGuard SNX-L 62/34
  • SunGuard Deco HT
  • Bird 1st UV
  • ClimaGuard Series

The information set forth herein is being provided pursuant to a customer’s request and is intended to be used for informational purposes only. This letter pertains only to the product(s) identified herein and is based on information available as of the date hereof. Guardian has no obligation to notify the recipient of this letter if the enclosed information should change after the date hereof. Additional information shall only be provided when purchase orders are received.

Nothing contained in the enclosed document shall be construed to modify any of the commercial terms pursuant to which the product was or may be sold by Guardian including, but not limited to, terms and conditions addressing each party’s respective rights and obligations with regard to warranties, remedies and indemnification. The information is provided on a without prejudice basis and should not be viewed as giving technical advice, instruction, or otherwise.

Revision Date: August 24, 2023 

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