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ENERGY STAR®<br>Version 7.0

Window glass solutions for every climate zone

Uma obra em parceria com o escritório Lourenço Sarmento (@lourencosarmento) e a VHM Construções (@vhmconstrucoes), responsáveis pela reforma completa da sede e entornos do local, e projeto de interiores da Aletheia Westermann Arquitetos (@aletheia_westermannarquitetos), incluindo um espaço gourmet, sala de estar, academia e chalé de hóspedes.
Na obra as portas camarão 100% de estanque e brises camarão ripadas da @aurasystembrasil, todas com vidros Sunlight refletivo neutro da @guardianbrasil, na pintura de efeito madeira da nossa parceira @ezycolor.

A work in partnership with the Lourenço Sarmento office (@lourencosarmento) and VHM Construções (@vhmconstrucoes), responsible for the complete renovation of the headquarters and surroundings of the place, and interior design by Aletheia Westermann Arquitetos (@aletheia_westermannarquitetos), including a gourmet space , living room, gym and guest cottage.
In the work, the 100% watertight shrimp doors and slatted shrimp brises from @aurasystembrasil, all with neutral reflective Sunlight glass from @guardianbrasil, in the wood effect painting by our partner @ezycolor.

ClimaGuard™ residential glass can help you meet or exceed some of the most ambitious window performance goals – including ENERGY STAR® version 7.0 criteria. Administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ENERGY STAR is a voluntary labeling program that helps consumers and businesses identify products, like windows, that meet the EPA’s increasingly stringent energy efficiency specifications. These products can help consumers and businesses improve their buildings’ energy efficiency and reduce energy-related costs. Our service teams can work with you to explore glass options to assist you with meeting new requirements, sometimes with little to no modification to window design and often without the need for triple-pane insulated glass units.

What’s new about ENERGY STAR version 7.0?

Effective October 2023, version 7.0 is the latest update to the program. It elevates window performance requirements for U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and redefines the boundaries of the U.S. climate zones.

Where are the version 7.0 climate zones?

ENERGY STAR criteria differ based on these four U.S. climate zones.


Which glass products can help windows meet version 7.0 criteria?

For every climate zone, there are ClimaGuard glass solutions that can help meet the new criteria, sometimes with little to no modification to your window designs and often without the need for triple-pane insulated glass units. See our double-pane and triple-pane options here.


*Among ClimaGuard interior surface coatings, IS 20 is the primary choice for meeting ESv7 requirements.

Want to know more about glass products right for your climate zone?

Our Residential Glass Customizer helps you navigate options to find the ClimaGuard residential glass products that can meet your aesthetic and energy performance needs.

Choose from a glass portfolio focused on window performance

With innovations that surpass future codes and alternatives across the industry, the ClimaGuard residential glass portfolio invites you to explore high-performance solutions optimized for you and your customers.

ENERGY STAR is a registered trademark owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.