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Integrate IG units into your design 

Ordering insulating glass (IG) units from Guardian Glass can be described with one word: straightforward. Integrate our IG units into your existing design. Connect your IT system to ours to order thousands of unique parts automatically. Get them sequenced and sorted, as if you made them yourself. We control the process from sand to complete insulating glass (IG) unit, made with Guardian float glass, coatings, safety glass, and the spacer of your choice.

By sourcing IG production to Guardian, customers gain peace of mind and a renewed focus on their core business.

Why partner with Guardian?

  • State of the art & automated equipment producing high quality products
  • Multiple spacer options, including our proprietary Align spacer system
  • Full sequencing capability



3 key components of Guardian insulating glass

Guardian float glass & Low-e coatings

As one of the world’s most prolific glass producers, Guardian IG units start with Guardian low-E coatings on Guardian float glass. Our science and technology center is continuously developing new coatings to meet code and design preferences.

Guardian float glass & Low-e coatings

Guardian safety glass

Guardian offers high volume and sequenced, made-to-order tempered and laminated glass in our insulated units that exceeds industry quality standards. All facilities are SGCC® - certified.

Guardian safety glass

An array of spacer options

Guardian offers IG units with 4 spacer options: the Guardian Align™ spacer system, Quanex Super Spacer®, Duralite® and Duraseal® spacers.

An array of spacer options

Customer-focused capabilities

To achieve a seamless alignment with IG customers, Guardian has invested heavily in process development, proprietary equipment, and technology. This investment comes through at every stage of our customer relationships.

  • Modeling: Analytical and modeling capabilities to help customers find the right combination of glass, coatings and spacers to meet their needs
  • Ordering: Electronic order integration allows for a seamless and efficient ordering process
  • Quality: Allows for a seamless and efficient ordering process to meet the needs of the window industry’s most stringent customers
  • Delivering: Short lead times and excellent on-time performance
  • Sequencing: Full custom sequencing and sorting capability to match our customers’ production process

Supply chain advantage

We connect with your supply chain to offer strategic advantages, including:

  • Customer-focused technology, full custom sequencing and sorting capabilities to match our customers’ production process
  • An owned and operated trucking fleet in Galax, Va. and trusted transportation partners in Sun Prairie
  • Wide-ranging inventory and quick lead times

Supply chain advantage

Product solutions

Guardian Glass is a focused partner to companies big and small, with support from a global team of glass experts. We help companies develop new products and solve challenges using:

  • An ever-expanding portfolio designed to improve people’s lives
  • Structural, thermal, acoustic modeling and comprehensive testing services
  • Access to Guardian Select® fabricator network 

Product solutions

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