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Guardian Bird1st™ Etch

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Guardian Bird1st™ Etch

Guardian Bird1st™ Etch glass features translucent acid-etched patterns designed to deter birds from collision. Achieve a wide array of looks while improving bird safety and meeting energy performance requirements.

Your choice for size and patterns

Bird1st Etch glass products are available in six patterns – and in large sizes that make Guardian’s bird-friendly glass bigger and more beautiful than ever. Choose from directional, non-directional and randomized patterns as you design bird-friendly facades and curtain walls. Explore options below.

Counteracting collisions by design

The acid-etched patterns of Guardian Bird1st Etch glass are strategically spaced to provide an effective deterrent for birds of different sizes and species. Based on guidance from the American Bird Conservancy, Bird1st Etch patterns spaced at least 2" x 4" or 2" x 2" apart to significantly reduce collisions. Learn more about the science.

Counteracting collisions by design

Bird protection and performance

Paired with SunGuard low-E coatings, Guardian Bird1st Etch glass also delivers on energy performance. Bird1st products may help you meet LEED Pilot Credit 55 and contribute to Toronto Green Standard Bird Collision Deterrence values. 

Bird protection and performance

Bird deterrent etch patterns

Bird1st Etch glass has been tested by the American Bird Conservancy and has achieved Threat Factors (TF) that quantify collision-avoidance effectiveness.


Bird1st Etch LV

Threat factor: 23
Randomized lines, vertically oriented with variable width and spacing


Bird1st Etch LH

Threat factor: 30
3mm lines, horizontally oriented and spaced 2" apart


Bird1st Etch DX22

Threat factor: 25
Non-directional 5mm dots spaced 2” x 2” apart


Bird1st Etch DV24

Threat factor: 25
Directional 6mm dots, vertically oriented and spaced 2” x 4” apart

2 by 4 inch dot pattern

Bird1st Etch SqX22

Threat factor: 20 
Non-directional 6mm squares, randomly spaced no more than 2” x 2” apart


Bird1st Etch SqX24

Threat factor: 25
Non-directional 6mm squares, randomly spaced no more than 2” x 4” apart 

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