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From anti-reflection to color tints, modern glass enhances design in many ways.

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See how the correct choice of glass can help transform a home – and even our wellbeing.

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Curved glass contributes to harmony between Victorian and contemporary design

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When glass helps to create a comfortable learning environment

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Floor to ceiling windows provide light, transparency and sweeping views of Central Park

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Just as we were in 1932, we're ready to meet the challenges of now and the future

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About us

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A world of possibilities

Guardian Glass is one of the largest glass producers and innovators in the world. We’ve been working with glass since 1932, and yet the limitless potential of this amazing material still fascinates and inspires us every day. 

Through pioneering research, the dedication of our people and a firm belief in close collaboration with our partners and customers, we find new ways to build, design and inspire with glass. Building our expertise on each and every project, whether that’s an iconic, energy-efficient building or a new glass coatings that will solve the challenges of today and beyond. 

Global presence, bespoke solutions

We operate across five continents and serve over 160 countries. Working closely with clients and partners at a global, regional and local level to apply glass innovation across a hugely diverse range of projects. From the creation of architectural glass for world-renowned, landmark structures to the development of more sustainable living and working environments. In the process making some of the most ambitious designs and environmental targets in the world possible.  



served across 5 continents



of float glass can be produced each day



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Our research, your vision

Bringing together science, manufacturing and customer needs to achieve true glass innovation takes a specialized and dedicated team. Our Science and Technology Center (STC) comprise some of the finest minds in material science. Minds that have an incredible track record in the invention of glass formulations, glass coatings, manufacturing techniques and other breakthrough technologies. 

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patents awarded

since the founding of STC


leading scientists

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net energy

consumption in some projects using our glass

Enhancing lives,
supporting sustainability

Every day, we work to create more value, using fewer resources than the day before. We constantly challenge ourselves to identify opportunities to build upon the sustainable benefits of glass. We’re leading the development of bird-friendly glass, an amazing innovation that helps prevent bird collisions. And by expertly combining glass types we’re able to maximize energy savings yet bring light and an unrivalled aesthetic to people’s lives. We’re committed to the efficient use of natural resources while operating in a way that protects the safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers, the environment and society. 

  • More than half of our manufacturing plants are ISO 14001 certified
  • 18% to 20% of glass cullet re-utilized on average in our processes 
  • 3 of our European product families, manufactured at 8 of our European plants, are Cradle to Cradle Certified™
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Chihuly Garden and Glass

Teamwork is all

Every new advancement in glass, every project made real and every expectation met is possible only because of close collaboration. We realize that challenging the status quo to achieve previously impossible goals relies on sharing expertise and knowledge. That’s why we’re willing to work with you every step of the way to help make your plans real, whether you are a local glass fabricator or a global architecture firm.


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We love a challenge

We like nothing more than delivering the improbable, if not the seemingly impossible. To us, glass is a wonder material, with practically no limit on how it can be applied. Our customers’ are equally ambitious, and this inspires us even further to help make their vision happen. Whether this requires new glass formulations, coatings, bespoke combinations of materials, or all of these and more. We constantly push ourselves to See What’s Possible™.


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