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Performance and energy efficiency

Understand how glass can influence a building's energy and acoustic performance.

Applications of glass

Whether you need glass for facades, interiors, homes, or specific applications, we have a solution

Which glass is right

See how the right glass can help improve your quality of life and the beauty of your home

Understand glass

Learn more about glass and what you can do with it

Design with glass

There’s almost no limit to what you can create with glass

Build with glass

Glass is the ultimate building element, and can be tailored to each project

Glass for your home

We’re helping glass inspire more homes than ever before

7 St. Thomas

Curved glass contributes to harmony between Victorian and contemporary design

Midlands Technical College Library

When glass helps to create a comfortable learning environment

ARO - 242 West 53rd Street

Floor to ceiling windows provide light, transparency and sweeping views of Central Park

All our projects

From landmark construction projects to innovative residential builds, this is how our glass can make the difference

Our story

Just as we were in 1932, we're ready to meet the challenges of now and the future


Find out more about how glass can support sustainable design

Quality control

We strive for quality in everything we do

Our company

Learn more about who we are

Help and contact

Our expertise and commitments

Glass Analytics

Access our comprehensive suite of engineering and analytical tools

BIM objects

Download and use our standardized Guardian BIM content to create project specific BIM files

Seminars and online learning

For anyone who is interested in learning more about glass and its use

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Guardian employees.
A professional photographer was hired by Guardian El Marqués to take a photo session in plant about the process and staff

Learn how your company can enter the Guardian Glass network

As a Guardian Glass-certified professional, your architectural glass company gains the competitive advantage of access to advanced product knowledge, technical guidance and training on working with Guardian Glass products. The Guardian Glass professional program will help your team meet rigorous and exacting standards for working with glass. 

You earn the distinction of being an expert in working with Guardian Glass products. All this prepares you and your team to help navigate virtually any glass challenge. 

  • Guardian Select® Fabricator program

    A tiered program for our fabricator partners

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  • ShowerGuard dealer program

    Become a ShowerGuard® dealer. Enjoy exceptional support and exclusive incentives for you and your customers.

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