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NEW: Jumbo Coated Glass from Guardian Glass

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This is not a test. Jumbo coated glass from Guardian Glass can expand possibilities in real life.


Impress at First Sight

Jumbo coated glass from Guardian Glass helps you impress at first sight with expansive glassy exteriors that communicate confident design. Extend the view with uninterrupted visual access to a dazzling cityscape or natural wonder. Energize the experience inside by welcoming clean, abundant natural daylight.

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Larger than life
Jumbo coated glass is an outstanding choice for buildings designed to grab attention. It can transform experiences and expectations in the world’s most prominent commercial centers, concert halls, luxury living spaces and more—all with uncompromising performance.

Just how big is jumbo? Where standard glass lites are typically 96" by 130", a jumbo glass lite can exceed 130" by 204" (approximately 11' x 17').

Our jumbo glass experience
With 12 jumbo coaters around the world, Guardian Glass has a long history of creating jumbo coated glass, and we’re bringing our newest jumbo coater to Michigan. This new jumbo coater will provide North American architects with
the comprehensive Guardian SunGuard® portfolio of high performance, energy-saving low-E coatings on jumbo glass

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Photo: © L. Boegly

Guardian’s SunGuard glass product line for commercial applications offers excellent solar control and a wide variety of colors and performance levels. SunGuard glass products provide innovative, leading solutions for appearance, economics and energy efficiency.

Get started with jumbo glass
We’re producing jumbo coated glass in North America, so begin exploring the possibilities for your upcoming projects. Request a sample or contact our glass experts and let us help you impress at first sight by bringing your jumbo vision to life. You can also check out our specification tools, which include 3-part specifications in CSI format, for an easy way to specify SunGuard for your next project.

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