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SunGuard IS 20 Interior Surface Coating

Achieve a lower u-factor in a
double- or triple-glaze unit.

Balancing energy performance requirements with design aesthetics is a challenge every architect has to face. The greater the challenge, the more
likely you’ll find a solution among Guardian’s growing selection of SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass products. SunGuard IS 20 is one of the newest ways we help you Build With Light®. 

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A new option for lower u-factor requirements.
In the U.S. and Canada, current and projected Energy Codes, as well as high-performance “Green” building codes, are pushing for lower u-factor requirements. SunGuard IS 20 from Guardian helps architects meet these codes by bringing the
u-factor performance of double-glaze units closer to that of triple-glaze, and by
improving triple-glaze performance in buildings and climates where maximum
heat flow resistance is desired.

An interior-surface coating for significant energy savings.
SunGuard IS 20 is designed to be used on the #4 surface of a double-glazed unit, or on the #6 surface of a triple-glazed unit. As documented in the performance chart below, SunGuard IS 20 delivers lower u-factors, less solar heat gain, and significant energy savings when combined with other low-E SunGuard coatings in IG units.*

Smoother and clearer than pyrolytics.
SunGuard IS 20 holds several distinct advantages over pyrolytic hard coats as well. Unlike pyrolytics, which have a rough surface, SunGuard IS 20 is smooth to the touch and easy to clean. What’s more, SunGuard IS 20 lacks the visible haze of hard coats, delivering a high visible light transmission.   

Performance Benefits and Characteristics

  • Lowers U-value in both double- and triple-glazed units
  • High visible light transmission 
  • Neutral color with low haze and ultra-smooth surface 
  • Can be cleaned with common glass cleaners
  • Durable
  • Thousands of dollars in potential energy savings
  • Helps projects qualify for LEED credits
  • Available through the Guardian Select network of independent fabricators
    to meet tight project deadlines

Click here for the SunGuard IS 20 flyer — and other ways to Build With Light. 

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