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If I need help with my window, screen, frame, or door, whom shall I call?

If you have a window, screen, frame, or sliding glass door that requires parts, repair or professional attention call the business who sold you the window, screen, frame or door.

NOTE: If it has a “Guardian” stamp on the glass, the stamp simply means the glass was “tempered” by Guardian Glass to make it stronger. We did not make the window, screen, frame, or door. Guardian does not manufacture windows, screens, frames, or doors – we make glass for window/door manufacturers who sell it to homeowners in finished doors and windows.

Potential warranty, repair, parts and replacement issues for windows and doors should first be directed to either the business who sold you the windows/doors or the manufacturer. The manufacturer may be identified on the crank, latch, other hardware, or on the spacer material between the two pieces of glass (if it is a double-paned unit). If there are no identifying marks on the product and you know the company/builder of your house, they may also be able to assist.

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For other questions about Guardian ClimaGuard Residential Glass call 866.482.7374.

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