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The use of glass in buildings can affect their design, appearance, thermal performance, safety and security, as well as the comfort and well-being of the building’s occupants. It is easily one of the single most important decisions that any new construction or renovation faces.Architects and designers who understand glass can use it like anartist’s palette to create visually stunning, optimum-performance landmarks that captivate inside and out.

Guardian SunGuard products are designed and made with architects’ goals in mind. We combine aesthetic flexibility with innovative functional performance to help push the boundaries of design, sustainability and the well-being ofbuilding occupants. With so many choices, and with Guardian’s support to guide you through the process, the possibilities are endless.

Energy efficiency

Advanced solar control and thermal insulation

Design what you want

Endless shapes, sizes and colours to craft your ideal building


Dedicated architectural and fabrication support from Guardian

Size and scale

Up to jumbo size and meeting the demands of the world’s tallest buildings


Guardian offers a wide variety of advanced architectural performance products for nearly every climate, building application and design vision. Products are classified by family—based on light transmission and other performance needs.

Solar control & thermal insulation

Few materials can make a building greener faster than high-performance glass. SunGuard is ideal for windows, roofs, glazed facades and conservatories – anywhere you need to maximise natural daylight while radiating and reflecting a high proportion of the sun’s heat. It is now possible to brighten indoor spaces while making them cooler (or warmer, depending on the season), compared to standard glass. It also reduces heat loss and filters out uncomfortable glare from the sun.

The science

To achieve solar, thermal and light-to-solar-gain performance takes more than just expertise in float glass. It takes developing coatings of metal and atoms of other materials applied in different sequence to the glass using a process called sputtering. These coatings reflect heat, keeping it outside the building, while allowing visible light to pass through so interiors are bright. The coatings are so thin that if the coating were a piece of paper, the glass it is on would be a seven-story building. Guardian makes more sputter-coated glass than anyone else.

Endless options

We are constantly developing glass products that push the boundaries of what’s possible in structural glass applications. Our products help extend glass use, for example, by providing transparent, almost invisible glass for facades. We’re also developing coatings that remain stable and secure even on curved glass surfaces, as well as glass that can be cut to almost any shape. In addition, oversized (or jumbo) glass provides innovative possibilities for unique and striking architecture that minimises structural elements and takes advantage of stunning views.

Without SunGuard
With SunGuard

Comfort, well-being & safety

SunGuard enhances productivity, well-being and mood—and reduces reliance on artificial lighting--by allowing more natural daylight into buildings. Architects and designers can also create more comfortable living and working environments by reducing noise from road traffic, aircraft and trains.SunGuard coatings can also be laminated and tempered to increase impact resistance and meet the most stringent building codes.

See what’s possible™

We provide technical support for any activity related to glass and its applications, from Architectural Design Services to help recommend products and configurations, to Fabrication and Glazier Support with training, certification and more. If you need help with specifications of Guardian Glass products, we have a team of glass experts and industry-leading tools to help you quickly find the right glass solution for your project. Our award-winning online tools help you with structural, thermal, acoustic and optical calculations.

Get started

Help push the boundaries of design, sustainability and occupant well-being. SunGuard offers an amazing number of choices, and Guardian support is with you every step of the way to guide you through the process.