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Glass. Your ally in sustainability

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From anti-reflection to color tints, modern glass enhances design in many ways.

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Whatever the construction challenge, we have the glass to help meet it.

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See how the correct choice of glass can help transform a home – and even our wellbeing.

7 St. Thomas

Curved glass contributes to harmony between Victorian and contemporary design

Midlands Technical College Library

When glass helps to create a comfortable learning environment

ARO - 242 West 53rd Street

Floor to ceiling windows provide light, transparency and sweeping views of Central Park

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From landmark construction projects to innovative residential builds, this is how our glass can make the difference

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Just as we were in 1932, we're ready to meet the challenges of now and the future

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Find out more about how glass can support sustainable design

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Glass. Your ally in sustainability.

Sustainability is a key requirement of modern architectural design, bringing incredible opportunities and complex challenges as we build the future.

Tested in the Desert

Few materials offer the design flexibility of high-performance glass in helping achieve energy efficiency – and often without compromising aesthetics. It can be beautiful yet versatile, innovative yet timeless, able to inspire yet also able to help save energy and promote wellbeing.

E-Book: Glass, your ally in sustainability.

Our new eBook introduces some important themes and case studies that start to demonstrate how glass can do this. How it:

  • Encourages us to fully use spaces by increasing natural light, providing outside views, helping to control temperatures and reducing noise.
  • Offers energy efficiency and design flexibility to help achieve sustainability goals and targets.
  • Can be used to retrofit existing buildings to help save resources.

All you have to do is register your details below to download it.

We hope you find the eBook useful and we welcome further feedback and discussion so that we can work together towards a more energy-efficient future.  

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