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[Quiz] Test your knowledge about birds and bird-friendly glass solutions

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[Quiz] Test your knowledge about birds and bird-friendly glass solutions

Some concerning figures

Entire bird species are currently vanishing or dwindling, all around the world:

  • 23% of the world’s bird species are threatened or nearly threatened with extinction.2
  • 44% of the global bird population is in decline.1

How does this affect our ecosystem?

These figures are also worrying from a socio-environmental point of view:

  • Seed dispersal and pollination: birds are thought to pollinate between 3 and 5% of over 1,500 species of crops or medicinal plants.2
  • Pest control: birds have been shown to reduce damage from insect pests in a variety of agricultural systems.2

What is causing this?

Deforestation and urbanization tend to damage – or even destroy – birds’ natural habitat. The sky-rocketing building density in some cities can also cause collisions. These are some of the ways human activity is impacting the bird population around the world.

Birds and buildings: take the test

Our main focus here will be on the impact of window collisions on birds, and the use of more appropriate glass on building facades as a solution to help reduce collision risks.

Do you understand birds’ physiology and behavior, which are key elements in the development of our bird-friendly glass solutions? If not, we suggest you learn more about this topic thanks to our 10-question quiz!