Guardian Select® Fabricator Program

The New Guardian Select® Fabricator Program

As SunGuard® has grown, the Guardian Select Fabricator network has also grown. To provide resources, service and support more specifically aligned with the business needs of each fabricator, Guardian is introducing tiers within the Select program; Select Advantage and Select Elite.

Key advances in the program include:

  • Fabricators are grouped in a new tiered model based on processing capability, quality standards and project scope.
  • Fabricators in the Elite category will undergo a more robust and stringent certification process and more frequent re-certifications.
  • The Guardian Select Elite Fabricator must have specific processing equipment, quality practices and measuring devices to meet the advanced standards.
  • The Elite fabricator program incorporates the Elite Optical Quality specification, a new specification from Guardian Glass that assures the most stringent specification targets and processing controls are in place to achieve the highest level of optical qualities of glass on a project.

Guardian Select® Advantage Fabricators

All current Guardian Select Fabricators who have demonstrated excellence in commercial fabrication become Select Advantage Fabricators and will continue to receive the same level of service and support as they enjoy today.

Guardian Select® Elite Fabricator

The Elite program goes a few steps further. Open to all Select fabricators who commit to the program parameters and meet the certification criteria and have the capacity to meet and maintain capability and quality standards, the Guardian Select Elite Fabricator program is an option for Select Fabricators who possess world class fabrication capabilities.

Fabricators and architects who want to learn more about the new Guardian Select® Fabricator program can contact their Guardian account manager.

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