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Automotive glass

Glass types 


infrared GT-11-H

Transportation applications AP-TP-02-H

Always good to go 

There are few who know more about automotive and transportation glass than us – after all, it's how we began. We support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with high-quality glass for a multitude of applications, and we make significant investments to ensure we meet what's required today and in the future.

  • Guardian® SMG

    Guardian® SMG

    Guardian® Solar Management Glass (SMG) is an automotive glass that delivers both high light transmission and solar control. This increases visibility and helps reduce the heat inside a vehicle – by absorbing higher levels of solar energy.

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  • PrivaGuard®


    PrivaGuard® is an advanced automotive glass that offers low natural light transmission, reduced solar thermal load and excellent privacy protection. Helping to make a drive more of a pleasure.

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