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Guardian Deco HT®

Deco HT

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Back-painted glass for long-lasting beauty

Don’t let its refined, uniform appearance fool you: Guardian Deco HT back-painted glass is durable enough to stand up to Chicago’s Michigan Avenue winter after winter. Its ten-year warranty extends the life of designs, and its tempered quality adds safety wherever it is needed. Spandrel Glass Guardian Deco HT back-painted glass brings true, uniform color to curtainwalls and structurally-glazed designs. A cutting-edge proprietary coating brings superior durability to conventional frits prior to heat-treating. The coating is permanently bonded to the glass—offering the pleasing characteristics of a ceramic frit. Guardian Deco HT spandrel back-painted glass is easy to cut and fabricate. Highlight your design Deco HT brings harmony, contrast and a bold look to interior and exterior settings. Created using a proprietary coating system, Deco HT glass is both durable and eye-catching with true, uniform color. Its tempered quality ensures it can define spaces for years to come. Higher opacity and a smooth, uniform finish perfectly accent any design. State-of-the-art technology Deco HT back-painted glass uses a sustainable, cutting-edge process that blends beauty and performance. Instead of a brush or roll application, high-precision curtain coating gives Deco HT glass its superior consistency. Heat treatment then fuses paint to the glass to achieve a uniform appearance in three widely specified colors – white, warm gray and black.

Product information

  • Guardian UltraClear 6 mm (1/4"), other thicknesses available upon request
  • Clear Float 6 mm (1/4"), other thicknesses available upon request
  • Decorative
  • Splashbacks
  • Furniture
  • Spandrel
  • Wall coverings
Manufacturing Options
  • Must be Heat Treated
  • Tempered
Recommended Coating Positions
  • Surface 2 (double IGU)
Maximum Size
  • 96" x 130", 100 x 144"
Edge Deletion
  • No
Glass Type
  • Painted Glass
Glass Functions
  • Opacity
  • Decoration
Fabrication Options
  • Can be used Monolithic