Guardian Bird1st™ Etch

 with advanced UV coated glass

Glass that Performs and Protects

As part of Guardian’s thoughtful approach to bird-friendly glass, Bird1st™ Etch allows architects and designers greater flexibility in meeting both energy performance and bird safety requirements – while delivering on aesthetic. In four distinct patterns, Bird1st Etch boasts a visible translucence for high style and visual appeal on façades and curtain walls.

Bird1st Etch 11

Bird1st Etch 13

Bird1st Etch 17

Bird1st Etch 21

Advanced Technology for Optimized Protection

Bird1st Etch achieves Material Threat scores (MT) to quantify collision-avoidance effectiveness, as tested by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC). Material Threat scores indicate the percent of times in which birds will not avoid collision, and ABC defines “bird-friendly” materials as having a threat score ≤30. The lower the threat factor, the more effective the product will be at decreasing collisions.

Encouraged for Energy Efficiency

By pairing the visual deterrent of acid-etched glass on surface 1 with Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings on surface 2, you can expertly achieve energy performance requirements of any given project, while also contributing to LEED Pilot Credit 55 qualification.