Dielectric Mirror

Woman using a Guardian Dielectric Mirror to analyze health information

Now you see it

Guardian Dielectric Mirror (DM) is an advanced coated glass product put in front of a television, commercial signage, projection screen or other digital display. When the display is on, users see it clearly. When the display is turned off, users only see a mirror, adding depth to a room or adding a futuristic minimalism to your product design. Guardian Dielectric Mirror gives designers the freedom to create desired “dead front” electronic features and visual effects for modern designs.

Product features:

  • DM60/40 or DM30/70 options
  • 4mm or 6mm thickness, 63.2 in x 78.7 in. (1605 mm x 2000 mm), stocked as standard
  • Can be annealed, enameled, heat soaked, heat strengthened, laminated, painted and toughened
  • Available in a range of other thicknesses, sizes or as fabricated product

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