Guardian UltraClear™

Guardian UltraClear™

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UltraClear Low Iron Glass from Guardian Glass - Architect in love with glass sample

The choice is clear

Clean lines. True colors. Breathtaking views. No distractions. Guardian UltraClear low-iron glass is noticeably clearer than standard glass—so what people see is up to you.

Less iron, more wow

UltraClear glass has reduced iron content for beautifully transparent results. Unlike standard glass, there’s no green tint to be seen. UltraClear glass is clear to the edge—no matter the glass size or thickness. It renders background colors, textures and images with impressive fidelity. And lets in abundant light to create spaces that feel bright, open and boundless.

Amazing interiors

When you incorporate UltraClear glass into interiors, the boundaries seem to disappear. Let in natural light so people feel energized when they work, and comforted when they heal. Make a clear statement in retail and hospitality settings. Create a powerful impression wherever you desire.

Boundless exteriors

Your project site was chosen for a reason. Amplify it with UltraClear glass. With outstanding clarity, you can present pristine views that blur the boundaries between inside and out. Provide a glimpse of indoor life and entice passersby with a spectacular façade. Build illuminating experiences with plenty of natural light. Life behind glass should be every bit as beautiful.

UltraClear from Guardian Glass - Side by side comparison with standard green glass samples