Salesforce Tower

Salesforce Tower is a fusion of cutting-edge architectural achievements in sustainability, technology and engineering, using almost 500,000 square feet of SunGuard® AG 50 on clear to create a visually stunning addition to the skyline of San Francisco.

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    415 Mission Street
    San Francisco, California
    United States of America

The challenges for most projects are typically the same: communication, coordination and timing. Those elements were compounded on Salesforce Tower because the team was globally managing an extremely high volume of glass. Guardian Glass was shipping to two different fabricators and dealing with multiple time zones.

The design is complex as all four corners of the building are curved, and as you start to reach the crown of the building, it tapers inward. The taper and curved corners required complex, conical bends in the glass. Guardian SunGuard® high performance low-E coated glass has a long history of helping design teams successfully execute bent glass applications, and the team worked closely together to execute the architect’s vision. There was a lot of careful thought and design work necessary to successfully bring to life the bent glass design and the resulting overall look of this building, which is already proving to be a landmark in the San Francisco skyline. The Guardian Glass team is grateful for the opportunity to help the entire building team see what’s possible™ when building with Guardian Glass.

Benson Industries was the glazier. Tecnoglass S.A. fabricated the flat glass, and Sunglass (Italy) fabricated the bent glass.

Based on the success of 252 East 57thStreet in New York City, which like Salesforce Tower is a monumental project with complex curves, glazier Benson Industries requested Guardian Glass as the glass manufacturer for the project. Benson knew from experience that the full Guardian SunGuard® coated glass portfolio can be bent, and wanted to utilize the curved glass abilities of Italian fabricator Sunglass. Guardian Glass was very involved during the design process in working through those curved portions of the facade.

The Guardian SunGuard® AG 50 coated glass for Salesforce Tower was shipped to Columbia, South America and Italy. Constant communication and planning was the key to ensuring Guardian Glass met the needs and wants of both international fabricators through different shipping requirements and a very aggressive schedule.

Guardian Glass Analytics and the Guardian Performance Calculator were important components in the success of this project. These online tools offer a comprehensive suite of engineering and analytical reports that demonstrate the advantages of high performance glass in building facades.

Guardian Glass and Benson Industries had just come off a very successful monumental project – 252 East 57thStreet in New York City – and that played significantly into us partnering again on Salesforce Tower. In fact, we’re currently working together on another monumental NYC project that like Salesforce Tower has curved corners, Manhattan West. We’re honored to continue to partner with Benson Industries on these significant projects.

Pelli Clarke Pelli requested a crisp, reflective, monolithic look for the iconic building, which would’ve been lost if the curve would have been broken up by metal or silicone. The full breadth of Guardian SunGuard® Advanced Architectural Glass products can be bent, so there are limitless possibilities on how architects can use curved glass to Build With Light®. High performance low-E SunGuard coated glass has a long history of helping design teams successfully execute bent glass applications, and Guardian Glass’ bent glass capabilities really underscored our success in Salesforce Tower.

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