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Reduce energy consumption

Be comfortable and save resources with energy-efficient glass

Saving energy is on everyone’s mind, from global companies installing lighting timers to individuals taking faster showers. Even small steps can help save on your utility bills and contribute to using fewer natural resources. 

Whatever energy your home needs, there are highly effective ways to improve thermal insulation and reduce energy use. Start now by finding out how you and your family can make the change. 

Why save energy

Conscious of the amount of energy you consume to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? You know gas and electricity are valuable resources, and you would like to reduce their use, however you feel you could never achieve the ideal temperature inside. Improving the thermal insulation performance of your windows can help prevent heat escaping and cold air seeping in, which in turn will prevent the heating and air conditioning from overworking.

Why save energy

How to save energy

You may have already adopted measures to reduce energy consumption and save on electricity and gas bills. These could include Installing an energy-efficient thermostat. But to make more significant change, the thermal insulation of your house is one way to improve energy efficiency. You can do this by choosing different materials for your home’s exterior. But installing windows with more energy efficient glass can be a particularly effective way to reduce energy consumption.

How to save energy

Why window glass can be a good investment

Any home improvement comes at a cost. However, your investment to install efficient windows can make a difference in your monthly energy bills! You can lower your heating and air conditioning use, reduce electricity and gas bills and possibly even increase your home’s value. And you might find greater comfort and well-being.

Why window glass can be a good investment

An example, Guardian Sun® glass has demonstrated a 38% saving on air conditioning bills in warmer months, and a 14% saving on electricity and gas bills in cooler months*. Guardian Sun may not be available in your region, however Guardian Glass manufactures products with similar properties across the world. Now’s your chance to explore how to bring comfort, security and sophistication into your home, along with improved energy efficiency.

*Results obtained in a study carried out by TECNALIA, for a house of 100 m2 in Madrid built before 2006 with a northwest orientation, where a double glazing F4 / 6 / F4 was replaced with aluminum carpentry without thermal break by double glazing with Guardian Sun 4 / 16A / 4, argon AND thermal break. Heating and air conditioning by heat pump system.

How window glass can help save energy at home 

If you need to use a lot of energy to be comfortable, the windows in your home may be outdated and not able to insulate efficiently. Imagine if minimal heating or air conditioning could achieve an ideal indoor environment. Feeling comfortable at home no matter what season is possible.  

There are three key factors that affect a window’s energy efficiency:  

  • The frame and quality of the material. The material of the window frames can be wood, aluminum or PVC. Poor quality can result in cracking or rotting that will allow drafts and energy losses.   
  • The installation. Use experienced professionals. Poor installation or sealing also causes energy losses.  
  • The glass composition. It is a crucial factor in making your window well insulated thermally, as it can make up to 80 percent of the window area. 
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