Insulating Glass

with Guardian Align™ Spacers

IG units made with Guardian Align spacers deliver performance for your customers – and performance for you. The proprietary warm edge spacer design offers thermal insulation approaching a foam spacer and best-in-class durability. The result of extensive research and development, Guardian Align spacer is built for reliability with:

  • Guardian float and low-E glass options to meet code and design needs
  • Ultra-thin, low conductivity corrugated stainless steel construction
  • 90° corners with a hermetic 4th corner joint
  • High-strength, low conductivity polyisobutyl (PIB) primary sealant with extra-long diffusion path
  • High-modulus, commercial-grade silicone secondary sealant
  • A bead-free, high-performance desiccant Guardian Align spacers create a dependable seal with argon retention rates among the industry’s best

Product Downloads

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Lasting Performance with a 20-Year Spacer Warranty

Seal failures can hurt your business in several ways — replacement costs, damage to your brand and distracting your team from revenue-generating activities. You want IG units that are durably made by a company that you trust. IG units with Guardian Align that were subjected to ASTM E2190 testing withstood more than five rounds and conquered the more rigorous P-1 test. Backed by a comprehensive 20-year warranty, customers who use Align spacers get peace-of-mind with extremely low failure rate.

Customer-Focused Capabilities

Guardian’s facility in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, makes Guardian insulating glass with the Align spacer. The facility has automated and manual lines capable of producing standard IG units as well as shapes. Among Guardian in Sun Prairie’s capabilities:

  • Comprehensive options, including full grid, capillary breather tubes, and the ability to produce oversized units
  • Tempering assets capable of producing residential IG units at commercial standards
  • A highly automated production process, delivering output that meets the needs of the most stringent customers
  • Custom sequencing and sorting capability to match our customers’ production process