Residential Glass Solutions

Guardian ClimaGuard provides low-e glass technology and services to make homes beautiful, comfortable and safe.

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Innovative products for residential applications.

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Energy-smart solutions

ClimaGuard residential low-E glass products and services are expertly formulated to meet the specific solar- and energy-control needs of differing climates – while also aligning to energy codes and guidelines – including ENERGY STAR®. No matter the intensity of the sun, there is a combination available help achieve the right balance of capturing and reflecting solar heat.

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Safe and secure homes

Fade protection, sound control, safety and security—ClimaGuard residential glass can help do it all. When combined with Guardian laminated glass, ClimaGuard residential glass can mitigate noise for peace and quiet, and provide a strong barrier against impact.

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Privacy enhanced

When paired with textured glass, ClimaGuard residential glass can diffuse light, add sophistication and create a hidden enclave wherever privacy is desired. Combine ClimaGuard residential glass with SatinDeco® acid-etched glass to bring privacy and elegance to any window.