Guardian Bird1st™

Bird1st™ by Guardian Glass - Limit bird collisions with advanced UV coated glass

Protect Birds with clear results

Up to a billion birds die each year due to building collisions.

Twice a year, migratory birds embark on a long, cross-continental flight. But their journey is often cut short. From hummingbirds to colorful warblers, bird populations are decreasing—and glass buildings are one reason why. Birds simply can’t tell the reflection of trees and sky in façades from the real thing. Guardian Bird1st glass is the clear answer for safer birds year round.

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Guardian Bird1st glass offers the right balance of solar performance, aesthetics and bird safety—so you can start designing your bird-friendly building through one trusted source. A patent-pending UV stripe coating on the first surface is virtually invisible to the human eye in dry conditions. Views remain pristine unlike traditional ceramic frit solutions, all while protecting birds. Paired with select Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings, Bird1st glass offers the high performance you want and need, and meets LEED Pilot Credit 55 and Toronto Green Standard Bird Collision Deterrence standards.

The Guardian Bird1st UV stripe coating visually signals an impending barrier to birds and helps prevent collisions. According to tests conducted by the American Bird Conservancy, 74% of birds avoided Bird1st glass.1 This solution meets the recommended 2x4 rule.

1 Avoidance Index (AI) Scores indicate the fraction of trials in which birds flew towards the unpatterned control glass. When the tunnel test is run with two pieces of unpatterned glass, 50% of birds fly to the left and 50% to the right, so Avoidance Index Scores range from 50–100.