Guardian Bird1st™

Bird1st™ by Guardian Glass - Limit bird collisions with advanced UV coated glass

Looks Good, Does Good

Glass lends itself to sophisticated design, and is a timeless, integral component of architecture. While humans can use environmental cues to identify glass as a barrier, there is growing realization that birds cannot. Up to a billion die each year in collisions.*

The expanding Bird1st™ product offering from Guardian Glass is a work of innovation, and the clear answer when seeking high performance glazing that does its part to help protect birds.

* The Condor: Ornithological Applications, 2014.

See what's possible™ with Guardian Bird1st glass solutions

Tested to be Bird Friendly

Paired with select Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings, Bird1st glass delivers on creating smart, beautiful structures cognizant of various performance and energy standards. Bird1st products may meet LEED Pilot Credit 55 and Toronto Green Standard Bird Collision Deterrence values.

Counteracting Collisions

Bird1st products visually signal an impending barrier to birds, helping decrease collisions as confirmed by the acceptable Avoidance Index score from the American Bird Conservancy (ABC). To further defend birds, Bird1st adheres to the 2" x 4"** rule accounting for different bird sizes and species.

**2″ x 4″ rule: Two inches or less of horizontal space or four inches or less of vertical space between etch-markings.

Wow with beauty and quality.

Satisfy energy and performance expectations.

And level up to meet important bird safety requirements that more and more customers seek.