Bird Friendly Glass

Bird1st™ by Guardian Glass - Limit bird collisions with advanced UV coated glass

The clear choice for bird safety

Guardian Glass is using advanced UV coating technology combined with laminated glass to limit bird collisions while leaving views clear and open.

Safer glass for feathered friends

According to the American Bird Conservancy, millions of birds die each year after colliding with glass on buildings. Birds simply can’t tell the reflection from reality. But—unlike humans—birds can see UV light. Guardian has developed UV coating technology to make glass visible to birds and keep it transparent for people.

Bird-friendly frit pattern

Visible to both humans and birds, ceramic frit patterns are applied by fabricators to help direct birds away from glass. Approved by the American Bird Conservancy, this solution can be combined with Guardian SunGuard® SNX-L 62/34 to mitigate bird strikes and improve solar control.

Guardian SunGuard® SNX-L 62/34 SN 68 Bird Friendly Testing Report SNX Bird Friendly Testing Report

Guardian Bird1st™ UV coated glass

Striped UV coatings on the first surface are visible to birds, but subtle to the human eye. When combined with laminated glass, these solutions offer an optimal combination of bird safety, simplicity for installers and seamless-looking exteriors for designers. Add a Guardian SunGuard® low-E coating for energy efficiency. Learn more.

Guardian Bird1st UV coated glass Flyer