Glass for cooking and baking appliances

Hand opening door of self-cleaning oven with Guardian Heat Barrier glass

Design that takes the heat

Glass plays a crucial role in home appliances, especially those for cooking and baking. The right glass offers distinctive design, temperature control, safety and, of course, the clarity to see if your food is ready.

Guardian Glass products have been used on home appliances since the 1970s, and today Guardian partners with leading manufacturers to help craft their latest innovative offerings. Our glass enables beautiful, consistent design and unique user experiences, while our coatings and tempered glass keep consumers safe.

As one of the world’s most trusted glass companies, Guardian invites you to leverage our experience in making your next successful product line.

Hand opening door of self-cleaning oven with Guardian Heat Barrier glass

Oven doors

To help protect consumers from the heat created by self-cleaning ovens, top appliance manufacturers turn to Guardian’s Heat Barrier line of coatings. As the number #1 choice for coated glass in self-cleaning ovens, Guardian continues to innovate new coatings that meet performance and aesthetic preferences.

Woman's hands open the black and silver door of oven machine for cooking

Heat Barrier

Low-e glass products for self-cleaning ovens, specially designed to manage heat within designated areas

Guardian Glass: Woman adjusting the temperature of an oven using its control panel

Control Panels

Control panels are a critical part of the visual appearance and user experience of an appliance. Guardian understands that appliances must be both beautiful and reliable. From edgework and heat strengthening to electronics integration and graphics, we turn float glass into integrated glass control panels that consumers find striking.

Guardian offers post-processing treatments, such as coating, painting and printing, as well as advanced glass products, including:

  • Guardian Clarity : anti-reflective glass that increases the light transmission and reduces the reflection
  • Guardian Dielectric Mirror : Advanced coating technology that hides a digital display behind a mirror when the display is turned off