Glass for electronics and mechanical assemblies

Man selecting a train ticket seat using an LED display enclosed in Guardian glass

Beauty that starts at the surface

Guardian Glass can help make your displays stand out in any environment, backed by global technical and commercial support. Guardian works closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators and designers of digital displays and appliances to achieve the ideal balance between glass performance and appearance.

We provide glass for appliances, public information displays (PID), digital out-of-home displays (DOOH), digital signage (DS), traffic displays, retail signs, embedded devices and biomedical displays. We offer insulating glass units for appliances.

Through global supply-chain management, value-driven research and development and just-in-time procurement, Guardian Glass provides your company with electronics glass exactly when and where you need it. We can work with you from concept to component to finished product, delivering your most rigorous specifications and manufactured with stringent quality controls.