Sound control glass

Sound control glass

Glass for indoor serenity

Acoustics matter for the wellbeing of people inside buildings. Guardian Glass can help diminish noise and improve acoustics for a more peaceful atmosphere. From traffic and neighbors to construction and airports, Guardian Glass solutions offer protection against noise at all frequencies.

How it's made

The interlayer used to make laminated glass can help reduce sound transmission. The interlayer is inherently damping. When placed between two pieces of glass, the interlayer absorbs sound waves so they are not transmitted to the second lite of glass.

Enhance your interiors

Explore noise control Guardian interior glass solutions below, or contact your Guardian Glass sales representative for more information.

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Glass for interior applications

Make Life Better Indoors. Free yourself from the limitations of ordinary glass. Guardian interior glass redefines technology-driven performance with a breadth of choices, all in one place. From light control to shower protection, Guardian interior glass expands the creative possibilities of glass.

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