Tinted glass

Colored glass that reduces the transmission of undesired light and heat - man walking up stairs

Make a colorful statement

Guardian tinted float glass lets in light and spares heat in a range of in-demand colors. Integrate tinted glass into the façade of a commercial building, home décor or in automotive and transportation applications. When tempered, Guardian tinted glass can prevent breakage from high solar heat absorption.

How it's made

Guardian produces tinted glass by adding small amounts of metal oxides to our high-performance float glass during the manufacturing process. The strength of the tint affects the overall performance of the glass, including privacy and heat-reduction capabilities. Since tinted glass tends to re-radiate absorbed heat, it almost always requires heat treatment to reduce potential thermal stress and breakage.

Expand your possibilities

Guardian offers a range of tints you can choose to control the appearance and performance of glass. Guardian SunGuard® coated glass products come in a range of colors sorted by light transmission. We recommended ordering glass samples for true color representation.


Blue-tinted float glass for high light transmission and energy performance



Light-transmitting, light-gray float glass with improved solar control

Green tinted glass


Green-tinted float glass to enhance energy savings

Gray tinted glass


Gray-tinted float glass to improve solar control and provide additional aesthetic appeal