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Glass Visualizer - Standard Products

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The Guardian Glass Visualizer allows users to evaluate the aesthetic properties of our comprehensive range of products by selecting the float glass substrate and SunGuard coating you prefer. Then, select the building and perspective that suits you, and watch how various sky conditions affect the appearance of the glass.

The Glass Visualizer dynamically generates photorealistic images of glass with typical indoor and outdoor illuminants and sky conditions to depict reflected-in, reflected-out and transmitted glass appearance.

The Glass Visualizer is part of the Glass Analytics online suite of tools. For more information on how to view project specific custom makeups, please click here.

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Choose a Float Glass
Guardian offers a variety of float glass to expand your design possibilities.
Choose a SunGuard Coating
SuperNeutral Low-E
SuperNeutral products deliver high light transmittance while reducing solar heat gain. Their neutral appearance is the most similar to clear uncoated glass.
SuperNeutral 68
SuperNeutral 54
SNX 62/27
SNX 51/23
SNR 43
High Performance Low-E
High Performance products offer a variety of appearances combining medium to high visible light transmission with low solar heat gain.
Neutral 78/65
Neutral 61 (discontinued)
Neutral 50
Neutral 40
AG 50
AG 43
Solar Control
Solar products specialize in blocking heat. They have a more reflective appearance and the lowest solar heat gain.
Silver 20
Deco HT Spandrel
Color Disclaimer: Displayed colors are only an indication of actual color. Color is a function of light and reflectivity and cannot be displayed with precision online. Actual glass samples should be used to confirm the correct color. Please order a sample and discuss color with your Guardian Architectural Design Manager to ensure you are pleased with your SunGuard selection before ordering glass for your project.
Choose a Sky Condition
Sky conditions can dramatically affect the visual appearance of the glass.
Full DaylightDaylight
Cloudy DayCloudy
Clear SunriseSunrise
Cloudy SunsetSunset
Clear NightNight
Choose a View
Choose an interior or exterior point of view in which to simulate your project.
Exterior 1Ext1
Exterior 2Ext2
View from Exterior
Interior 1Int1
Interior 2Int2
View from Interior
Glass Visualizer
Product 1
Product 2

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