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Earn learning units by staying at the forefront of glass technology

Guardian Industries is a registered AIA/CES program provider. Our continuing education programs help design professionals keep up with the latest innovations in high performance glass and technology.

By completing one of the registered programs, you can earn one AIA/CES learning unit, including one hour of health, safety and welfare credit toward maintaining AIA membership.

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Guardian has partnered with Architectural Record magazine and BNP Media as a sponsor of the Continuing Education Center to help AIA members earn learning units. Click on the program links below to see the presentations, or go directly to the Architectural Record Continuing Education Center web site.

Daylighting Design Update

Program Number: n/a        Cost: FREE        HSW: Yes       
Sustainable Design: Yes           Program Link

Program description: This presentation discusses the benefits of natural daylighting in respect to indoor environmental quality for occupants and building energy optimization. It highlights daylighting components of LEED v4 and includes trends in glass and glazing design, visual and performance options. The course also uses case study format ​to ​show multiple projects incorporating successful daylighting design strategies in a variety of energy-efficient buildings.

Principles of Glass Selection for Facades: From Rendering to Reality

Program Number: GRD#7        Cost: FREE       

Program Description: This interactive program discusses the foundations of the glass selection process and explores the aesthetic options available to meet project design and performance requirements. In addition, there is a special focus on understanding the variety of performance coatings and customized glass fabrication options.  The primary learning objectives include:

  • Understand the key criteria in selecting glass types and how those choices can influence the building's aesthetic condition and trade-offs can be considered between performance and design criteria.
  • How glass samples should be viewed to gain the most accurate impression of appearance.
  • Examine the variety of glass types and sputter-coated low-E products in the market and how each differ in appearance and performance.
  • Explore a variety of fabrication techniques that provide additional glass customization and code compliance - including lamination, silkscreen and spandrel applications.
  • Review completed projects and recognize how particular glass types were selected and how they met the designer's intent.

The Evolution of Glass and High-Performance Coatings

Program Number: GRD#4        Cost: FREE        HSW: Yes       
Sustainable Design: Yes           Program Link

Program Description: This one-hour interactive presentation provides an overview of the basics of glass and its manufacturing process. It discusses various types of low-E technologies available in the market and defines relevant energy terms. The presentation also uses a case study format and shows multiple projects examples to discuss current trends in glass usage, application and important design considerations.

The Use of Laminated Glass in Architectural Design

Program Number: GRD#5        Cost: FREE

Program Description: This one-hour interactive presentation provides an overview of different types of laminated glass, manufacturing methods, major applications and key benefits. It also discusses the appropriate use of laminated glass to address various applications including:

  • Safety Glazing
  • Sound Management
  • Solar Management
  • Security and Safety
    • Hurricane Resistance
    • Blast Mitigation
    • Bullet Resistance
    • Seismic
    • Fallout Protection


The presentation will conclude with a review of projects utilizing laminated glass to satisfy building design and functional requirements.

Glass in Today's Architecture

Program Number: FGMD01        Cost: FREE

Program Description: This presentation was developed by the Glass Association of North America (GANA) and authorized to a GANA CES facilitator like Guardian to teach. It helps the participants to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the flat glass manufacturing process
  • Become familiar with various glass substrates (types) and sizes
  • Review various glass fabrication processes that transform flat glass into architectural glazing
  • Get to know the basic glass performance terminology and evaluate the needs for different applications


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